Friday, December 10, 2010

An Egg and Some Felting

I only have a few minutes today, but I'd like to share a finished object and a work-in-progress with the time I do have.

First, the finished egg and chick, which is another inside-out toy, all set to make you ponder which came first:

I hid this one right after finishing it so that no-one would claim it this time.

I'm working on some mittens for my husband, and here they are, prior to a wash in the machine:

And here they are after. 

Hopefully they do fit; they look about right, except that they're too short.  Fortunately, that's because I'm doing the lower hand and ribbed cuff separately (and not felted), sometime next week.  I must thank my knitting buddies here, as I was midway through a mitten, decided it was too big (oven-mitt big), and the wonderful ladies I knit with not only suggested swatching, felting the swatch, and then sorting out the right size (I do often swatch, but I hadn't this time, and I'm so glad I had others to remind me that this wasn't the project to guess on), and also the suggestion of knitting the cuff separately so that it will snug up properly (and be long enough for that matter).  Hopefully I can finish these next week before my husband starts his holidays!  It's good fun knitting him a secret gift, but I really hope this year's gift fits.  Last year's; not so much.  I wore the socks to shovel snow today, and they were nice, warm, and definitely my size.

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