Monday, December 06, 2010

In Which a Moose is Presented, and a Capelet Worn

This crocheted moose was intended for my daughter's friend, but she is just so smitten with it, that I have given it to her.  I'm working on the friend's gift in secret now so that it doesn't get claimed as well. 

Luckily, the interest in the moose made her forget the sushi/fish (from my last post), so I can wait until after Christmas to make another of those.  The moose is the Toy Moose by Yana Ivey , and although I didn't quite manage to make him sturdy enough to stand, he's pretty cute and cuddly.  My youngest started carrying him around (mine moose!) even before his legs were sewn on (when he was left lying around he looked for all the world like he was out for a swim), so I don't think she minds.

For my husband's office Christmas party, I bought a new dress, and I thought I'd better make sure my shoulders were not cold.  Hence, Cold Shoulders by Laurie Rossbach, started Wednesday afternoon, completed Thursday evening, and blocked on Friday. 

I'm rather pleased with how it all worked out, and I'm quite fond of the dress too.

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  1. "Mine moose" :-) I can totally relate - the moose is adorable.

    The dress is very elegant and so is the capelet.