Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In Which We Enjoy Further Christmas Preparations

I've been busy in the kitchen lately, but I've also had time to knit a fingerless glove version of the Pirate Mittens by Adrian Bizilia.  These are a Christmas gift, and they're knit in Patons Classic Wool.  These were pretty fun, and pretty quick (except for the weaving-in of 30 ends, which was tiresome). 

I'm almost through my Christmas knitting and sewing gifts (one more knitting, one more sewing to finish up), and I'm taking photos so I can post the more secret ones after Christmas, but I think I can show off one more yet.

In the kitchen, we've been baking gingerbread (gluten-free), and sugar cookies (not so gluten-free), decorating both varieties with icing, and in the case of the sugar cookies, immoderate amounts of sprinkles courtesy of the daughters:

And we've been making candies too!

  These are apple and cranberry jellies, which my husband and I made over the course of two evenings.  Last year, we did up sponge toffee (which we plan to make again), and had such a nice time that we're hoping to make a Christmas tradition of candy-making, so we can work on a fun project together in the evenings after the kids are tucked into bed.  I think we might make some plain apple jellies as well if there's time later in the week.

Today I found a bit of time to make mint patties.  I dipped some into white chocolate, and some into dark chocolate.  My eldest sprinkled candy-cane bits on top, while my youngest watched and ate candy-canes.
Both candy recipes are from Canadian Living's Christmas Cookbook edition from 2009, but I also found the mint patties on their website here

It's very wintry outside tonight; dark, blowy, snowy, and cold, (it's only -15 Celsius, though the wind-chill brings that down to -24), but we're warm inside with all sorts of treats to eat!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I totally want some pirate gloves! So awesome.

  2. Thanks Kyna! There's a matching hat pattern out there too.

  3. Anonymous11:35 pm

    I just finished the hat pattern. I may have to make some mitts now. Love yours!