Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So Busy Sewing

I've been busy sewing lately, and have two finished objects to share.

First off, for my husband, a lunchbag (from One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins)  :

When we were flipping through the book, my husband saw the pattern, and thought it would be a great idea, and could I make one for him sometime.  He wasn't sure what sort of fabric he'd like, and settled on something plain, with the quilting to dress it up.  Later, I realized I wasn't up to super fancy quilting, so I decided to look for fabric that was a bit more interesting.  Luckily, my daughter found this Batman fabric, so we snapped it up.  I finished most of it while my husband was out of town, so the Batman part was a surprise for him.  When he saw it, he said he'd be the coolest guy at work, and that all it was missing was a label a-la Adam West Batman reading 'Bat-Lunch'.  I was happy to oblige.

Next, for my daughter, a bag to carry her shoes and things to dance class:

 The bag she had been using was falling apart, so my husband suggested making her a special one including pockets for her tap shoes inside.  I had been wanting to try the drawstring bag from Sewing in No Time by Emma Hardy (the journal cover I made here is also from that book), so here was an excellent reason to make one.

My daughter picked out the fabric with me, stipulating that it be yellow.  I wanted to use two fabrics for this one, and, being pretty sure there would be at least one ballerina fabric, kept an eye out for one.  There was indeed, and on a lovely pale yellow background so that it paired nicely with the floral one we had selected first.

The pattern didn't have a pocket in it, so I added one to the bag, and hopefully reinforced it well enough down the middle and corners to last until her shoes are too big for the pockets.  If the bag is still in good enough shape at that point, I could always do up another pocket.  My version is very slightly smaller, as I um, sewed the pocket in sideways (even after checking carefully against the other piece to figure out which way was up), so, as I was in a hurry to get it done in time for dance class (I was right down to the wire on this one) I just pinned it with the pocket opening upwards, sewed it, and trimmed the edges that extended beyond.  Even then, the bag is fairly big, so there is lots of room for a water bottle, snacks, journal, shoes, and a change of clothes if needed.
All in all, I'm rather pleased.

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