Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Which a Bit of Glue and Glitter Become Wreaths

Sometime around when my oldest daughter celebrated her first Christmas, I started feeling as though Christmas was just not as much fun for the grownups, which continued for a few years.  It turns out that that was more about adjusting to my new role more than anything, and, having enjoyed last year's holidays a lot more, I am very excited about Christmas this year.  Sure it will be a lot of work, but I'm looking forward to making it special for the kids, but also to enjoying the holiday in my own way as well. 

Now, I love lists, and have a Christmas spreadsheet going (I'm thinking about making more spreadsheets, but that might just be another form of procrastination), and these lists have kept me organized and sane the last few years.  I have three lists: Gifts to Make/Buy, Cookies and Treats to Bake, and Crafts.  I've been working away on Christmas gifts for awhile, but while I am knitting and sewing, I can't post everything this year (I'm nearly finished the third gift, and am pretty pleased to be reasonably on schedule).  I can however, post a lot of fun Christmas things anyway (plus some other knitting and crafts that I'm working on), so here are the first Christmas crafts of the season:

While we went out to run errands together last week, we stopped at the ReStore.  While my husband wandered through the light fixtures and such, I distracted the kids with Christmas decorations.  They had a whole bunch of blank vine wreaths, so we picked up a few, plus a gold woven tree.  My oldest and I picked out a few things at the craft store, and rounded them out with supplies from my craft cupboard.  She sorted out what would go with what, and I applied the glue-gun to our creations, making one wreath for each daughter, one for Grandma, one for Granny, and the tree for myself. 

It was a good bit of fun, and was pretty quick (except for threading all those lights onto the tree.  I'm sure there is a better way than the one I settled on, but it's done now).  We think the wreaths are pretty cute, but we'll wait a while longer before we start hanging them up anywhere.

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