Friday, October 22, 2010

A Bit of Sewing

My older daughter is taking dance classes, and they were asked to bring a journal.  I had several available, but thought it might be nice if she had something special of her own.  She wanted one of mine, but liked the idea of me sewing a cover for it.  We planned it out on the way home from dance one night, meaning she came up with an elaborate scene for the cover depicting all the girls in the class (complete with barre, but I wouldn't have to make the mirrors because they might be to hard).  Oh yes, and a jungle with tigers.  She generously offered to let me use her craft supplies too.  What she ended up with was this:

I really enjoyed doing the embroidery for this, and hope to fit more embroidery into my projects in the future.  I'm certainly much happier with my embroidery than with my sewing.  It's a bit rough, but kinda cute, and worked fairly well except for the fact that it didn't remotely fit the book that it was supposed to cover.  I'm not entirely sure at what stage my meager math merits failed me entirely, but fail me they did.  Since I was nearly done before I figured this out, instead of making a new one, I found another journal that did fit the cover.

If the border fabric looks familiar, that's because it's for that window blind that it has taken me nearly forever to finish.  (Again with the math difficulties.  Really, I seem to manage knitting and baking math just fine most of the time, but why not sewing math?)  Anyhow, the blind is done and in use now, only lacking the fancy knot pull that my husband has nearly finished for it.  It's far from perfect, but it's functional, and I love it anyhow.

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