Friday, July 17, 2015

This Past Week

This past week I have:

-Cleaned at least part of the house (or at least, tidied it a lot, not that you can tell anymore now that the week has passed by).
-Spun up a 100g Batt and started to ply it.

-Finished up a work sample and sent it in.
-Taken the kids back and forth from their Super Fun Summer Camp that they had a Really Great Time at.
-Set up a spreadsheet for a new thing, and got started on the grading.
-Wove-in the ends for a baby hat that had been otherwise finished for weeks.

-Crocheted bits for a special project related to a play that you should go see at Fringe in Edmonton if you are anywhere near here during Fringe.

-Been given a new-to-me camera by my family as an early birthday present. Loving it, but it will be a lot of reading the manual before I actually have a clue what I'm doing. It's already easy to tell how much better it is than our decade-old camera though!

-Visited with the great ladies at the two knit groups that I occasionally get a chance to attend.
-Went yarn shopping.
-Spent wonderful time with family.
-Planned an embroidery project.
-Not at all gotten around to sewing. Maybe next week?

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