Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Getting Around to Things

I've been having a bit of trouble sleeping of late (nothing major, just can't settle, it seems), so I thought, since I was up anyway, perhaps I could make a bit of a push to finish knitting up my Firth Waves Cushion.

I have one repeat to go now, but I'm running low on one colour. There's no problems with the pattern here; it calls for two balls of the yarn for that one, and I only had one in my stash. There's nearly enough, but not quite, so I went to order more, and I'll be waiting now for when it is back in stock. Luckily, there's no rush to finish it up really, so it's just been put aside once again for a little while.

In the meantime, I plied up those singles of my new batt from the Curious Spin Batt Buffet, and I now have something that rather reminds me of marshmallows, both in lovely puffiness and colour.

It's meant to coordinate with the Creamsicle batt that I had previously spun up so that they can play together in an eventual knitting project, and I think it works nicely. I might just go with a third batt to round them out though.

I'm also halfway through spinning up the singles from the BFL that I picked up at Celeigh Wool. The colours remind me of various shades of blue jeans. This is a delightful, relaxed spin with no particular project in mind just yet.

I'd finished spinning my blue silk singles ages ago, but yesterday, I finally decided to get around to winding off some plying balls so I could start plying. Unfortunately, the singles snapped in a couple of places. If it had been wool, I would have spliced it, but as it was, I ended up with four batches of plying balls (two of which were quite, quite small, but the other two of decent size). Also, there's another wee ball of singles that I'm ignoring for now.

I found a silver lining in that though. Since it's my first time working with silk, I wasn't entirely sure just how much twist there should be in the ply. It had been suggested, in some of my reading, that the answer is quite a lot. But, it's hard to remain confident when your plied work twists itself and looks like this after winding it off:

After a bath though, they're well-behaved, so it was nice to be able to test the two smaller lengths before plying the rest.

Today, we're off to pick raspberries, but later, I want to swatch a couple of things. Here's the current plan for the non-work-related one:

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