Friday, July 10, 2015

Luxury of Time

I've been quite quiet because I've been working on a third-party publication deadline at the same time as end-of-school and soccer coaching. Now that all of that is winding down, I have a whole week ahead of me next week where the kids are off to summer camp (which would have been handier this past week while I was busy rather than the upcoming one where I am not), and I now have a whole long list of "things I will do when this project is done", but not sure what to do first.

-Clean the whole house (or at least a reasonable part of it)
-Sew all the things (or at least one of the things I promised my kids a year ago that I would make).
-Spin and ply.
-Figure out which design project I want to develop first out of the several that have been coming to mind while I was too busy to work on them (like that one I shared a swatch for a few months ago but have not done anything else with, and do any of you know what size needle I used? Hope I wrote it down somewhere, or at least left a needle threaded through the project or something).
-Catch up on the knitting Works In Progress hanging about.
-Blog more than once next week to make up for the last several weeks (well, it could happen...)

Good odds that I'll be doing a little bit of everything, but in all honesty, I'll be starting out with hanging about making lists.

Tidying up my knitting nook might just be the first step (the current deadline project is hiding in one of those bags). I know it's not insanely untidy, but there are several strata of project bits to be sorted through in order to remember what those projects actually are!

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