Thursday, June 25, 2015

Olds Fibre Week 2015

Last Saturday, I went to Olds Fibre Week, and am only just now getting to posting about it. It's been a busy month so far, but is winding down towards then end; for instance, tonight's the first non-soccer night in ages!

Olds Fibre Week is an annual event that includes a variety of excellent classes, including but not limited to those for the Master Spinner and Master Weaver programmes. Just think of it as a brilliant Summer Camp for Grownups who are interested in weaving, dyeing, spinning, felting, knitting, crocheting, etc.

I didn't get to take any classes (hoping to do so next year though!), but I did get in a good bit of shopping and visiting at the truly excellent merchant mall. Each year, the merchant mall is attracting more and more high quality vendors, so I highly recommend attending and/or shopping next year! My mom met me there to join in the fun, and we had a lovely time! Definitely the trip called for a Splendid People You Should Know About post.

We had a great time visiting with Kate Bostwick of Cowtown Knits, who had a beautiful booth full of all her gorgeous patterns. We met the Fundy Tides Collection in person, and they are just as cozy as they look in their photos! Kate is @cowtownknits on Twitter.

We stopped in to visit Lindsay of Sewn by Lindsay, who I first met at our knit group in North Edmonton, but who has since moved to Saskatchewan. It was nice to catch up, and also great to check out her wares in person! Lindsay sews some amazing project bags, including this clever spindle wedge bag, which is padded to help protect your spindle. Also, it has foxes with monocles, so I needed one! Lindsay is @Sewnbylindsay on Twitter.

The Grey Shetland on the spindle is from Celeigh Wool from a prior shopping trip; we had a chance to visit with Marg from that shop while we were at Olds as well!

I was in the market for a lucet, as my younger daughter had tried working with a make-shift one at St. Albert Children's Festival at the Viking tent, and she quite enjoyed it. I suspected that Danware might make that sort of thing, and was glad to have that confirmed! Not only does Jan make gorgeous things out of wood, but he makes clever things out of wood, like a yarn-bowl with an attachment that fits it into your car's cup-holder! I picked up one gorgeous lucet, and my daughter and I are both enjoying testing it out. My daughter currently is planning a series of bookmarks, now that she is a budding reader!

Last, but not least, I stopped by A Curious Spin, where it was great visiting with Andrea, who I asked to blend some lovely Corriedale at the Batt Buffet! You may recall the Orange Creamsicle Batt that I had finished spinning up in this post; I now have a Cotton Candy Batt to complement it if I can manage to replicate the gauge near enough. I should have at least enough for a hat, but if it's getting reasonably close to kids' sweater quantity between the two, I may just have to have a third batt blended to go with them and round them out...

This one has only a little hint of sparkle, and is somewhat subtler than the Creamsicle Batt, though I went with slightly less blended for this one because it just seemed right.

This batt is very much my carrot for getting both my current spinning and my current work knitting done; I can't wait!

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