Thursday, February 19, 2015


This post is rather a lot later than I meant to post it this week, but it took until today to recover from the long weekend.

Friday we went to IKEA to get a few things to organize the kids' craft area (it's a start, anyhow), and I had a soccer game later that day.

Saturday, soccer tournament (two games), Sunday, one more game for the tournament, and a lovely dinner with the family. We all played Rockband together and stayed up late, which was all very fun.

Monday the kids went skating with my husband's family while he took me out for lunch, then we all had dinner together, which was lovely. I also worked on sending out a submission and going over the final proof of another pattern that will be published soonish.

Tuesday, which was not the weekend, but is worth mentioning because it was exhausting, I coordinated the pancake lunch at the school, which basically gave me an hour off before it was time to pick up the kids at school and take them to their swimming lesson. Luckily my husband finished early and drove us all there, so I wasn't having to expend quite as much energy there!

Yesterday, I looked at my list of things to do, decided not to do them, and couldn't even muster the energy to relax properly (knit, spin, watch a show, etc.). I should have taken a nap, but didn't. I got extra sleep last night, and today I'm back to normal, so I'm getting a few things done.

In the meantime, here's what little spinning and knitting I have been up to over the last while:

Continuing on the Silk/Merino singles,

starting to ply the Rainbow Leicester, so here's the plying ball

and I made it to where the Contrasting Colour gets added to the Byatt Shawl. Very happy with my colours and with the pattern!

Hoping I'll have enough yarn of the main colour for the shawl! Also hoping I'll have enough time to knit far enough along to answer that question by early next week, but we'll see how things go. After all, this weekend looks busy too.

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