Tuesday, February 10, 2015

About Time I Use That Yarn...

OK, so I gave in and started the shawl I mentioned last post (Byatt by Karie Westermann), and am really glad I did. This is particularly true as I'm fighting whatever cold it is that my kids have, and I'm not sure I'm winning, so a bit of knitting that starts out as relaxing comfort knitting and moves into more complex stuff well before you are tired of the plainer bit seems just right for this week.

Also, I'm using yarn I bought in Vancouver about five years ago, and some yarn I bought in Edmonton around the same time period. Both have been swatched or started on projects in the past, but I've pulled them back and set them aside because they weren't quite right. I wanted something special for both these yarns, so, when I was inspired by Byatt to try them together, it all fell into place!

Here's where I'm at so far:

My plans for this evening are to find my Pyjamas and a cozy blanket and knit a few more rows before bedtime. Could only be more perfect with a cup of tea on this chilly evening!

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