Friday, February 06, 2015

In Which the Week Goes by Quickly

So, Monday was mending, Tuesday the kids were off school and I can't remember what I did, but I did get something done, if only I could remember what it was. Wednesday I had one kid at home sick and I spent all day working out the best way to manage a particular and slightly atypical stitch for a work project. Yesterday was a half-day for the kids, and I managed to finish up a pair of socks that I've been working on since August.

I think it was time.

I had decided to make them slightly large for growing-in-to, which, upon reflection, works for sweaters, but not so much for socks. I just wanted them to fit for longer than five minutes, but of course, they're just too big, and that's that. They'll fit eventually, perhaps even soonish. But, my daughter is fond of them all the same, and wore them all day yesterday.

Also this week, I've been reading The Spinner's Book of Fleece by Beth Smith, which I have out from the library. It's excellent, but it makes me want to go and sample all the things to spin, which is not something I can spend time on at the moment. It's a good general goal though, right? I'm finding it quite informative, and will keep it in my wishlist for spinning books.

In the meantime, for my spinning, I'm still working on the rainbow Leicester locks, this time with the red, white, brown, and gray locks. At this point, I would just like to clear the spindle for other spinning, which is not to say that I'm not enjoying the project, but that I'm just that excited about the next project. It is, however, quite satisfying to beat those locks with the flick carder. Also, quite satisfying to draft the silky stuff that results, but less satisfying to deal with joining bits back together when I've let it go too thin. Snap.

Another source of distraction (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) is Karie Westermann's Byatt Shawl, which sent me to go look through my stash yarn. I think that this bit of gold Sweet Georgia sock yarn and the maroon sock yarn (there's another skein of it somewhere too) from Ali of Dandelion Fuzzies (that I bought, in both cases, I think, about 5 years ago) would be just brilliant for the Byatt, don't you? I might just have to give it a go and cast on after clearing my plate a bit!

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