Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Shop, a Play, a Giveaway, a Spin, and a Knit

First off, things that are happening in Edmonton this weekend (including Friday):

-A Curious Spin is holding a Pop-Up shop! I'm going, just not sure yet whether Friday or Saturday. Pop-up hours this weekend for Friday and Saturday are 10 am to 8 pm.

-Heather Morrow's The Ugly Princess is being performed on Friday night, 7pm, La Cité Francophone, 8627-91st Street. I'm definitely going to that; one night only, so get your tickets!

Then, things that are happening this weekend online:

-By the Fibreside is still trying to give away a copy of the Knit Picks 2015 Fair Isle Collection in which I have a pattern (long story short; the mechanics of Facebook made this giveaway difficult instead of easy. Listen to the podcast for full explanation.), and the new way to get yourself entered in the draw is to scroll down a wee bit and comment on the post about the 2015 Fair Isle Collection at the By the Fibreside Facebook page right here: linky. The draw is on February 28th! Please also click Like on By the Fibreside, since that was the original plan for entering in the draw.

Now, for things happening at my house just now (other than work that I can't write about yet):

I finally finished the Rainbow Leicester Locks spinning project.

Check out my yarn (it's in the process of drying after it's bath):

In many spots, it's smooth like silk, and then others it's as fuzzy as anything. Not sure if that's just how it goes with Leicester, or whether there's a way to keep it more consistently smooth. I'm sure I could make it more consistently fuzzy if I tried through. Still, it's not feeling as rough as I thought it was before.

Not at all sure what on earth to make with it, but am taking suggestions (your cue here to suggest away in the comments, don't be shy now). Of course, not sure yet how much I have, but it's more than I thought there would be in the end.

Must get going to get stuff done (it's Teacher's convention the next two days, so I have to get anything done that I want done in the next hour), but before I sign off, here's my current progress on the Byatt shawl:

I'm definitely not going to have enough yarn for a third repeat of Chart B, but am really, really, really hoping to get through the second repeat without running out...

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