Thursday, January 08, 2015

First, Giveaway Details, Second, Much Cuteness

First off: Vanessa from By the Fibreside is offering a giveaway of the Knit Picks 2015 Fair Isle Collection e-book (you know, the one in which my Firth Waves Cushion is included)! For a closer look at the wearables from the collection, here's a great blog post from Knit Picks. This is a link to the By the Fibreside Podcast, and here's a link to the Facebook Page and the Ravelry Group.

If you've any interest in spinning, knitting or weaving, I'm sure you'll enjoy By the Fibreside. I get some spinning done while I listen to it, as it always gets me excited about spinning. It's also convinced me to make sure I head out for at least a day trip to Olds Fibre Week this year!

Second: I finally finished my second shawl knit from my handspun. "Shawl" is overstating it, really, as it's more of a scarf. I had nowhere near as much pink as I needed, but I used leftovers from the first of my handspun shawls to stretch it out. A rectangle is what my youngest wanted from her share of the first bits of roving I picked up to spin (she picked the Candy Pink fluff), and stripes were readily agreed upon.

She has declared it perfect, and that she is going to wear it every day to school.

Photo shoots with kids require lots of photos to get just a couple of shots that are not too blurry, too silly, too posed, or hiding the knit object too much. It's still a lot of fun, and I don't mind including a few of the silly ones here so I can share the cuteness:

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