Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Starting Off 2015 in a Book

It's back to work, and I'm so glad to be starting off 2015 by having a pattern in a book.

Yesterday, Knit Picks released their 2015 Fair Isle Collection, and I've contributed the Firth Waves Cushion.

I had a lovely time picking out colours and charting them up for this pattern. While you certainly could quibble that it's not strictly traditional Fair Isle (and certainly it was not made there, but rather on this side of the pond), it's a fun bit of stranded-colourwork knitting inspired by Fair Isle motifs.

When I first had a chance to peek at the photos, I thought that if they're taking great photos like that of a cushion (creating the sudden desire for picnics that I can't have as we're under quite a lot of snow), then I can't wait to see the photos of the sweaters. Really, do take a look at all of them; they did not disappoint. 

Now for a cup of coffee, and hoping it will warm me up! (Still cold here at -25 C with windchill, but that's January for you).

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