Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quick WIPs and FOs Update

I've been busy swatching for a couple of submissions, but I've also had time to do a bit of knitting and spinning.

After finishing up spinning the yarn for my mom's Christmas present, I took a bit of time to spin up that Creamsicle Batt from what was then Flannelberry Creek and what is now A Curious Spin (go check out the new website, hot off the press re-vamped today, or even better, check back again in a few days, as it will be even better once there's been time for the owner to get everything posted the way she'd like it).

Anyhow, I decided to try spinning with a more woolen style as it would work with instead of against the batt's preferences, and ended up with a lovely bit of yarn that is perfectly happy to be somewhat thick-and-thin (I had to remind myself occasionally not to make it too even, though some consistency across the yarn was nice). Next time I'll have to buy a bit more, but I'm sure I can find some use for it (I just haven't quite decided what yet). I'm quite happy with the results (it sparkles a lot more in person):

As for my New Year's knitting, I've had to put Slable down for a wee little bit.

I ran out of yarn, and had to pull it back to somewhat before the point pictured here.

I have a plan though. I was knitting the largest size as it doesn't take much for a hat to give me a headache, and the looser sizes tend to do better so long as they're also long enough to cover my ears properly. However, I'm not sure I need quite as much slouchiness as I would end up with following the pattern exactly as is (even though I'd really prefer to follow it properly), so I think I can modify it slightly to end up finishing the hat before the yarn. It's a shame I didn't have a bit more yarn, but I'm sure I'll eventually get a bit better at estimating and measuring my handspun before starting a project. Eventually.

So, aside from swatching (finished one sub, one more to go), I'm finishing up baby hats and mittens for a friend who just had twins the other day. I'm actually down to weaving-in the ends now, having put in a bit of work after taking photos, but so far, Gather , by Tin Can Knits, is working out to be just lovely paired with Rowan's Pure Wool Worsted. Must get back to swatching now, but I'm taking the baby knits with me to the kids' swimming lesson so I can make myself get around to weaving-in while I'm waiting.

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