Friday, October 17, 2014

Checking In

Last week, I finished off a submission, took on some more work, and scrambled to get a few things going that I should get done before I can get properly going on the Next Thing. In fact, I just took a look, and there are five things that I'd love to finish this weekend. I don't think that's actually possible.

Happily, I did also find a bit of time to spend on knitting button-bands for my Oranje:

I now have only to weave in a few more ends, secure the facings, and sew on some buttons.

I took a bit of time to work some single crochet over the steeks to make the raw edges a bit more uniform as well as encased. I used a fingering weight yarn for that job, and am pretty pleased with the results. I'm not sure yet if I will use the same yarn to sew down the facings as well, or just stick with the orange as per the instructions. I'm thinking I'll see what both things look like first before deciding.

Either way, I have to summon up some enthusiasm for sewing up little bits in order to get going, but will try to give it a go this weekend. I'm eager to wear the sweater, so you'd think that would help get me going on the sewing. I think it would be enough if I didn't feel so much like I had to keep working on little bits of all my other projects, but I tend to easily fall into the trap of thinking that if I do a little bit of everything that I'm treating them all the same priority-wise. In truth, it is more satisfying to stop for a minute, prioritize, then pick them off one by one in either the order they need to be finished in, or in the order of least time involved to most time involved.

We'll see where the Works-in-Progress are at after the weekend...

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