Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Bit of This and a Bit of That

Over the weekend, I worked a bit on a few things, but never did finish anything. I still hope to finish Oranje this week, and might just get there. I have woven in remaining ends, and have hemmed the bottom and collar facings. I have still to sew on 15 buttons and hem the cuff facings (after pressing them). I might tack down the steek edges as well, but likely not before finishing everything else, as I can still wear it without worrying about that so long as cuffs and buttons are done.

I spent some of my weekend knitting time working on my daughter's shawl, reasoning that it's so close to being finished that I should just get it done:


However, trying to employ the 'pick them off one at a time' method of getting around to things meant realizing that there's no particular deadline for that shawl, so I spent a bit more time on these mittens for a friend:

These are a one-off custom design that she bought at a fundraiser for our football team, and we've worked out something that speaks to her love for her choir and for music in general. Trust me, they will look much better after blocking. I am just finished the cuff on the second, and the first still needs a thumb, so there's a bit of work yet. I'm hoping to take a bit of time to finish these between now and November (she'll need them for sure by then; it's cold in November here). I also have important time-sensitive work knitting to do, but I absolutely must get these done as well to avoid causing cold hands.

But, before I get much work on any of these, I have to make this:

into a lion costume for Halloween as soon as possible so I can get back to my work with no (project-related) distractions. I may have a couple of late nights ahead of me this week, but if I can finish the mittens, the costume, and Oranje before the weekend, I'll be pretty pleased. Wish me luck!

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