Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last Week of School

 Well, it's the last week of school before summer, and that means two things: Time to whip up some teacher gifts, and time to get some treats ready for my daughter to share with her class on her birthday.

My daughter settled on brownies and blondies cut into squares and iced to look like Creepers from Minecraft. She put on all the chocolate chips while I practiced piping little blobs on the treats.

For gifts, I had the girls pick out fabric, and I spent a few days sewing up bags (just right for carrying a few things to the beach, or back and forth from school). The pattern is the Retro Bag from Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders. 

Much thanks to my husband who helped me get all the cutting done in one night! It was a quick and fun sew, though by the fourth one it was starting to get to be a bit of a slog, as I just wanted to be done so I could get on to my other work. Delighted with the results though! I omitted the snap and the adjustable strap as I intended them more as a tote bags than as purses.

The girls had a great time picking out fabric! I like the popsicle one best myself, though the cappuccino one is a close second. 

I was so busy last month (and much of this one) that I completely missed tulip season. Well, I did get to see them, but I didn't get around to photographing any of them.

I didn't want to miss the irises and lupins, so I stepped out and caught a bee in a few of the photos. I'm a sucker for bee-and-flower photos.

Things are busy, as I have so much housework to catch up on before the birthday party on the weekend, so this is just a very quick post. I'm also continuing work on my Oranje cardigan; progress photos on that for the next post!

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