Thursday, July 03, 2014

Hup Oranje!

Well, it's been exciting watching the Dutch team in the World Cup, and often suspenseful, as they are often apparently waiting for the last twenty minutes to get some goals; nerve-wracking, that!

While cheering the team on, I've been working on the Oranje Cardigan by Ann Weaver (love this pattern). I'm now up to the yoke, nearly at the yoke charts (but not quite). Will I finish by the end of the World Cup? Maybe. I've set it as a goal by entering in a knitalong of WIPs (work in progress) in the WIP Cup on Ravelry. It had been languishing for a good month while I worked on sample-knitting, so the World Cup was a great excuse to pull it back out and get going on it.

There's a lot more to do after the yoke, including steeks, sewing facings, weaving-in, button-band, sewing buttons...but finishing in time is not impossible anyhow!

My garden is also celebrating the Dutch soccer team:

I love my Orange Irises; they're such show-offs!

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