Monday, June 16, 2014

Break on Through

I've reached the other side of a long tunnel of intense deadline knitting. I'll tell you more about it in September sometime.

In the meantime, I've finished up spinning the Cotton Candy Corriedale, and, as it's for my eldest, asked her opinion on what to do with it.

She wanted a shawl. She liked the idea of keeping the yarn as singles. I did a search for shawls on Ravlery that could be done with a relatively small batch of yarn (should be about 50g of laceweight, perhaps a touch less), and let her pick out her favourites. I then nixed one (was not in the mood for fussing with beads, as lovely as they are; I'm still worn out from deadline knitting!) and showed her the rest. She settled on Citron, which is what I was secretly hoping she would choose.

It's a simple little no-fuss shawl, as there's no lace involved. It's sheer, but due to the ruched sections, has a striped effect where the stitches double in density at regular intervals, and the whole thing ends up with a ruffle to echo the ruching. I was hoping for this one because I knew that the variegation in the yarn would not interfere with the ability to enjoy the pattern, and would in fact play very nicely with it indeed.

I'm liking how the colours bleed into each other and make pretty rainbowy pastel stripes as the shawl progresses, though when I reach the larger sections, it will of course break up differently. In the meantime, I'm just enjoying watching the colours change, and enjoying knitting SLOWLY for a change instead of at breakneck pace.

Of course, if I do get bored of slow and want breakneck pace, I am picking up Oranje, which I am trying to finish up during World Cup. I am completely overjoyed at the Dutch victory over Spain! I knew the Dutch could possibly win that one, though I expected it to be a difficult win if it happened. 5-1! Blown away and very excited to enjoy more soccer while knitting the Oranje cardigan for myself!

 In the meantime, a bit of spinning every day is a delightful way to spend odd moments where I just want to relax for a bit! Here's what's on the spindle at the moment (Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Roving, in Sapphire Heather):

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