Friday, April 04, 2014

Spring Break

I seem to have missed an entire week somewhere...

Of course, it's been busy this week with the kids both home (and playdates, and playing soccer in the evenings), so while I kept meaning to post any given day since Monday, I just plain haven't.

I've been doing a lot of swatching, swatching, swatching, and unfortunately can't share any of that, but fortunately I can share two things.

I finished my husband's Christmas socks:

The pattern is Cable Clock Socks by Ann Budd, though I changed the yarn to sport weight, so knit a size or so down but with 3mm needles to balance it out. Must have worked, because they fit the husband (but not so much myself, though I am modeling the socks in the photo above).

I also quickly whipped up Beanie Flow by Michaela Richter last week. A cousin (technically my cousin's cousin, but close enough) has rather recently taken up knitting, but has jumped straight into the deep end (and is swimming, er, knitting, like a pro in no time), decided that she wanted to knit this really cool pattern, though modifying it to incorporate colour-blocks. Sure, a little intarsia to spice things up, why not? The only difficulty was that the pattern is in German only.

Since that's just the sort of crazy thing I might do, I definitely wanted to help out, and in the end, joined in to make it a knit-along. Thankfully, between online translation, putting our heads together, and the (thank goodness) fact that the pattern has charts too, we figured it out.

Mine came out a bit small because I didn't check my gauge, but it fits my youngest just great, and she loves her new hat.

I've had a sneak peek at my cousin's version, and it is spectacular. Hopefully she'll add photos to Ravelry once she is done so everyone can check it out in the project gallery for the pattern!

Must get back to my swatch, the timer just went, so it is done soaking and ready to block!


  1. Lovely stuff. I'm glad you found a translation, but in future if you need German translated--guess who speaks German? and has knit a lot of German patterns? enough hints yet?????

  2. Ha, ha! Brilliant, will remember to get in touch with you next time! :)