Friday, April 25, 2014

In Which I Sneak in a Bit of Extra Knitting Time

Sometimes, everyday life gets away on me, and I both run out of time for blogging and can't think what to blog about. Sometimes, I am too busy crafting to write about crafting, which is not a good enough excuse at all.
Sometimes, I have projects that I can't share yet as they are awaiting publication first.

I'm working on a few of the latter, but luckily enough, also took some time for knitting for myself over Easter.

I started these socks last March, and worked another inch this past weekend. I think they'll be set aside for awhile again, but hopefully not for quite as long this time! The pattern is Liab, and I'm working with Stroll Tonal in Gypsy. This time before putting them down, I've circled the next stitch on the chart. It took me nearly half-an-hour to figure out for sure where I left off last time. It should not have taken that long, but it really, really did. For one thing, I was holding the chart upside down and not paying enough attention to where the beginning of the round was. I also was in dire need of coffee at the time.

The Orange yarn-dyeing that I was on about awhile ago was not just for my soccer-themed hat. It was also for the amazing Oranje cardigan by Ann Weaver. The minute I saw this cardigan come out as the Knitty Surprise for that issue, I had a crush on it. Also, a bit of a crush on Ann Weaver. She's brilliant!

I've been waiting for ages to start it, and it is chugging along merrily at the moment despite my misreading of the braid instructions on the first try. It's been awhile since I've worked one of these braid stitches, and I'd completely forgotten how. I was holding the yarn to the back instead of front, and just ending up with normal purl stitches. I can't believe how long it took me to catch on that they would not magically become braids this way. The next time through, I have just a few minor errors in the braid that I am not going back to fix as almost no-one will notice them if I do not point them out (two twists in the wrong direction, and one white stitch that should be black that I can fix with a duplicate stitch if I remember to get around to it).

I love this so far, and, since I'm on the straight orange part, will probably have it as my uncomplicated carry-along-with-me knitting off and on for the next while, even if I will likely have to ignore it for a few months now and again in favour of other commitments.


  1. I love the cable in your sock--the way it appears to travel on the ribbing. I bookmarked it, because I may want to incorporate something like this if I decide to make an Aran sweater (instead of a Fair Isle sweater--it's still up in the air)a cable like this might look nice.

  2. Didn't finish my sentence: ...make a sweater for Level 3 Master knitter (in about a year).

  3. Always so many possibilities for Aran or for Fair Isle! I can never get tired of playing around with motifs and cables, it seems. Will be looking forward to seeing your sweater!