Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Catching Up to Spring

Between Easter and Spring Break, I'm behind on blogging, and really behind on getting around to things in general. I'm getting started on catching up.

For one, I can't believe I forgot to mention it here, but a month or so ago, I was interviewed on By the Fibreside, which is a locally-produced knitting/spinning podcast that you should listen to because it's a truly enjoyable listen (all the episodes, not just the one that I'm on, though that one is: episode 4). For another, we're starting slowly but surely on spring cleaning, which is something that will likely last well into fall at the current rate of progress (but at least there is some progress).

It's been a busy end-of-winter over here, but spring is just now starting to arrive. Less than a week ago featured winter coats, and while I won't risk putting them away before the end of May (that's just asking for a snowstorm), it's spring jackets today and plus 1 degree Celsius on it's way up towards 9!

 The seeds that I've started are sprouting nicely, and I'm finishing up a couple of spring-green projects.

For my friend Kim, who is fond of limes, a wallet the right size for Euros (I am sure she intends a trip to Ireland soonish):

The pattern is from Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders , and only the last couple of steps were a tad challenging for my machine to work nicely through all the layers (I really need to sort out the right tension changes that need to be made as the fabric layers are added throughout a project). I may need a new wallet myself; once I sew up a couple more projects, it will be time to poke through my leftover cotton for just the thing!

And for my daughter's friend for her birthday, a sweater for her Maplelea doll.

As we don't have that sort of doll, Grover obliged us with some modelling work!

The pattern is Miniature Gilet Noeud Noeud for American Girl Doll by Amanda Childs, and the yarn is Kroy Socks.

The projects were a delightful diversion from my beige knitting projects and while I admit to starting a pair of red socks in the meantime, my Tralee skirt continues to chug along nicely, as beige as it is! I hope to have a finished project to share soon.

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