Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring! Skirt!

First things first: Spring!

I'm calling it spring. I'm not putting away the family's winter stuff until it's safely June or anything, I'm not that foolhardy! Raincoats and Rainboots are in the back hall alongside the winter stuff. Rainboots are being worn with winter jackets. Putting away the winter gear would be silly when there's still snow on the ground, and possibly one or two more snowfalls to come (likely with gorgeous weather the days before and after).

But, my tulips are on their way up, so that makes it spring, or at least, the nearest thing to it.

About a week ago, I finished my first knit skirt, Tralee by Carol Feller. I finished it just barely in time to wear to the Table Quiz fundraiser for the Edmonton Wolfe Tones GAA Club that includes my football team, and then proceeded to have a lovely evening out, enjoying wearing the skirt!

I made a few minor changes due to fears of yarn shortages. Having noted that all sizes have the same amount of stitches involved in the pleat, I reduced them very slightly. I thought I would need a larger size in the waist than I needed in the hips, so I started by knitting the size for the hips, and then decreased somewhat less for the waist. Then I tried it on when I reached the waistband. Then I pulled back the waist decrease section, ignoring the hours of work I was ripping away, and tried again, decreasing somewhat more than the pattern called for after all. Problem in knitter, not in pattern. My advice if you're making it: Go with the hip size, then try on as you go.

I have nearly a full ball of yarn left after all. Yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, in Oyster Heather. I'm sure I'll find a good use for it sometime, after all, it goes nicely with my other Wool of the Andes remnants.

Now football will be my most likely excuse for not blogging as often as I'd like over the next few months (May's highly anticipated fundraiser is going to keep the volunteer crew very busy!), but I am still, always, stitching away, and will attempt to share the results of that stitching as often as I can get to it!

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