Monday, March 04, 2013

A Few Finished Things

As promised, here are the Argyle Vest photos! The pattern is the Argyle Vest by Veronik Avery, and the yarn is Paton's Classic. So, now I am finished catching up to Christmas!

This worked out very nicely, and I do credit the Lego yarn-holder for keeping things simple and as non-frustrating as possible.

 I'm pleased with the colour combination, and my husband seems to like it as well, though I have been so happy to have it done that I haven't actually blocked it yet, so I should get to that sometime this week, as I'm sure the shoulders will lie a bit nicer after that. Anyway, I think he looks great in it, and I'm glad to have finished well before his birthday.

Also on the finished list is one pair of socks for a friend's daughter, and I really should get them to her sometime this week. Using Ann Budd's highly useful book Getting Started Knitting Socks , which is where I usually turn to determine the best stitch count for a pair of socks, I decided to go with a 3x2 rib, and otherwise kept these pretty simple. The yarn is Lion Brand Sock-Ease, which seemed a nice enough yarn, and has aloe in it for whatever reason, though I didn't really notice. These fit me quite nicely, and yes, I have rather small (but wide) feet, but still, that means that this kid is sure growing up!

Now, here's the coffee-press cozy that my mother cleverly adapted from a tea-cozy pattern! She picked up the purple Bernat cotton while she was visiting, but otherwise shopped the stash. I had her do up a swatch while she was over, and we washed it to measure the shrink-rate. After that, I did a bit of math, and sorted out the minor changes in the pattern. Mom remembered how to crochet pretty quickly, and  whipped this up in a short time.

 I hear she has some wash-cloths on the go too, and I'm telling her that she should sign up on Ravelry now!

Now that I'm finished these, I'm still at no loss for things to work on! I went shopping for fabric on the weekend, and am washing it right now, so here's hoping I can coordinate some sewing time in the next week or so. Just a quick flip through "Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders" has me planning all sorts of lovely things...

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