Friday, February 22, 2013

Long Weekend

Last weekend, not only did we have a long weekend, but as my parents were up to a visit, most of us started the weekend a little bit early, so I have even more to catch up on now.

We did many things.

We watched our neighbour put the finishing touches on his enormous snowman.

Now that's a serious snowman if you need scaffolding to build it!

 It really is as big as it looks, and for the last week now, you can often expect cars to pull over and gawk, and for passers-by to run up and take photos.

We stitched together, with me working on the arm and neckbands for my husband's Argyle vest, and, as my Mom had a project (unfortunately not pictured; too busy stitching to get out the camera) involving re-learning crochet, I was able to help her out a bit with that.

My Mom in turn helped to get me going on finally recovering the Kitchen chairs. I had been putting it off as I wasn't sure how to go about sewing the covers for the backs. Lucky for me, my Mom was willing to take on that part, and I recovered the seats.


I also cleaned the chrome, which was very much in need of some serious attention. I followed the simple directions here at this link to a cycling website, and it worked a treat. Aluminum + water plus + elbow grease = shiny.

The seats are much lovelier and cushier now, and the backs no longer scratch up the walls. They also don't clash with the table as much as I thought they would, which is good, as I was working from the fabric stash for the project, and this stuff seemed the best choice.

We were also treated to a delightful circus performance thanks to my daughters and their new hula-hoops provided by their Granny. The lion and the lion-tamer were highly entertaining!

Hope your weekend was as fun as ours was!

Finished Argyle Vest photos coming soon!

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