Thursday, February 07, 2013

Now Available in Cashmere: Ruched Legwarmers

 Introducing my Ruched Legwarmers, brought to you by Knit Picks!

These lovely, soft, Ruched Legwarmers evoke the cozy rusticity of sturdy wool blankets and boot socks, but provide the warmth and luxurious feel of cashmere with Knit Picks Capra. The ruching provides a textural twist to 1980s-style legwarmers by enhancing a slouchy appearance while retaining the structure for a comfortable fit without falling down.

If it seems a little extravagant to wear cashmere in legwarmer form, let me tell you that I have wool socks that are scratchy even through leggings, so cashmere against tights is a nice thing. Also, it doesn't take very much of the cashmere, so it's not so extravagant as all that. In fact, if you're going for the large size, you could probably add extra stripes of cream instead of springing for the fourth ball of burnished, but then again, who wouldn't want leftover cashmere?

 I knit these while watching old episodes of The A-Team, so I have the theme song in my head right now (the show is every bit as good as I remembered from when I first watched it).

I'm thinking these are somewhere between Mr. T's bright orange socks, early 80s legwarmers, and late 80s slouch socks, only more luxurious than possible for any of those. Knit in the round, and available in small, medium, and large (pictured in medium), the pattern can be purchased for $1.99 USD here at Knit Picks.

These are a quick, cozy knit, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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