Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Dog, He Got Three Legs; Your Dog, He Got None

Finished: Knitting a dog out of goat (mohair). Sewing parts and stuffing them with sheep (after cleaning and carding fleece). Embroidering features, and sewing on everything except the legs.

I've been asked not to sew on the legs. Apparently, as the dog looks like it's swimming when you put it down, it's way too delightful at the moment, and these legs may just end up sitting around for some time to come.

But who can say to that peanut-buttery grin that a dog needs legs? She's pretty happy, so we'll leave it like that until she asks for the legs to be added, if indeed she ever does.

I just hope the dog doesn't head for a swim in the sink or tub in the meantime...

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