Wednesday, November 07, 2012

No Such Thing as a Snow Day

The last few days have been either dry or rainy (and therefore icy, since it's really winter now), but today when we left for the bus, we stepped out into a very heavy snowfall.

As it turned out, the bus was delayed, which was just as well as my eldest had forgot her mittens and tuque anyhow, so we went back to fix that, then drove her to school. Only now, her backpack was missing. So, after sending her into the school, my youngest and I went back to the house to look for the backpack. It was in the van the whole time. We drove back to school to deliver it. At some point, I discovered my mitten was shredded. Some car-seat-related incident, I imagine. I will see if it can be repaired (it likely can), but I think I will have to also make a new pair for myself soon.

The roads are awful; dump about a foot of snow on top of ice, and you can't expect it not to be awful. We got stuck in the alley behind the garage. I got us out eventually. I then got stuck in the driveway (a little better), but went in and got a bit of sand for traction, and got into the driveway.

Time to shovel snow! By the time I got back to where I had started, it was almost worth shovelling again. I might go out again after lunch, but right now, I'm eating breakfast at 10 am and blogging in the nice dry house.

At least it's not really cold out. It's great snowman snow, so the kids should really enjoy recess at least.

There, caught up on this morning anyhow! I'm so behind on blogging though that I haven't shared Halloween photos. Here are the girls making chocolate gingerbread (sorry, I forgot to take pictures of them when they were iced as mummies and skeletons):

Presenting the Wicked Witch of the West and the Wicked Witch of the East! (They're both big Wizard of Oz fans). I had sewn the costumes, including capes but not the hats. I credit the Klutz face-painting book for helping me out with the face-painting:

My youngest was also a fairy at a party a few days before Halloween. Her witch costume wasn't made yet as she kept changing her mind about her costume, but she did find a few things for the party in the dress-up-box that we call the Tickle Trunk in homage to Mr. Dressup:

And here are the wonderful monsterwiches we made for dinner on
Halloween night.

I made the buns from scratch (I think is the first time I've had yeast-risen bread turn out properly for me!), and my husband assembled them, having also had the brilliant idea of using the stuffed peppers for horns, which really made them wonderful.

Crafting you say? Isn't this a craft blog? Yes, I'm in the middle of lots of crafting too, but not really  finished much of it. I've finished these baby tuques:

but I still have two more to go (one of which just needs the ends woven in).

I've finished knitting that dog out of goat, but need to stuff it and sew it together. The fleece I'm using for stuffing is giving me difficulties, as it just doesn't want to come clean. I've washed it a few times after cutting of the worst bits, carded it and washed it twice more, but think I'll card it and wash it again once it dries from it's most recent bath. I must have found a better section of that fluffy stuff when I assembled the poodle, because it didn't take quite as many baths for those portions.

I think this coming afternoon is just made for sitting and watching the snow fall while knitting, so I may have a few finished objects to show off soon. Look, it's almost as if I hadn't even shovelled yet... I may have to go back out again later to earn my knitting time!

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