Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Orange Iris and a Race to the Finish

The Orange Iris did not disappoint:

Now to some knitting. I have been knitting most days, at least a few stitches here and there, and have plans for all sorts of projects that I don't have time to start just now.  I also have some deadline knitting in progress that supersedes these other projects, so it's not all about time. My nephew turns 1 year old this weekend, and I'm attempting to finish this sweater for him in time for his party on Sunday.

That's the back and front done, and joined, with a neckband. I have occasionally been tempted to turn this into a vest, but I am resisting this impulse, despite that I am not-quite halfway through the first sleeve.

I'm also heading out to play in a Gaelic Football tournament, so there will be pretty much no knitting on Saturday.

Think I can make it?

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