Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Purse

I have been wanting a new purse for awhile now. I had the fabric set aside to make one, but none of the patterns I was looking at quite suited. Finally, I realized that I what I really wanted was a Buttercup Bag, only bigger, with a zipper closure, and lots of pockets.

After that, all I had to do was figure out how to do that, and just do it.

I did some math (I'm sure it would have been quicker to increase the pattern with the photocopier, but this worked fine too), and marked out the pattern in chalk onto the fabric in the bigger size. I found tutorials for adding a recessed zipper and how to add spiffy internal pockets.

I eventually realized that I should add interfacing pretty much everywhere, but as I didn't think of that until after sewing the pleats and uppers on, I just added the interfacing to the internal structure.

I'm really pleased with my new bag!

 It has a wee pocket on the outside just for keys.

  It has lots of space inside, including two internal zipped pockets, and a little slip pocket for the cell phone.

It has a little pocket divided to fit pens and lip balm.

I love the colour, the fabric, the ribbon I used for a strap and embellishment, and I'm really enjoying carrying this around--rather surprising for someone who has always preferred really small purses, but times change, and I'm proud of making this for myself!

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