Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Pocket Swatch

I want to add side pockets to my husband's cardigan (the #17 Man's Cable Cardigan, I know, thrilling name), but, as it isn't seamed at the sides, the easiest method is out. I don't think I want to use afterthought pockets, as I don't think I would get around to it (besides, I think the directions I have handy are for a pocket that hangs straight down).

I'm too lazy to sift through the internet to find what is probably a simple and elegant solution, so instead I have been racking my brains for the solution at odd moments, and just spent an hour or two on a swatch with the resulting idea.

Invisible pocket!

I think it works.

The Pocket hides nicely between the ribs.
Unless a more brilliant and easier solution strikes (and this is pretty easy, save for the first two rows of adding the pockets) I'm going to use a provisional cast-on to add stitches where I think the pocket should be, then just work them until they're big enough, put them on waste yarn, then kitchener-stitch them closed later. I think it's likely that I should also tack the top and side of the pocket onto the back of the sweater so it doesn't sag downwards more than necessary.

From the back

I have a plan. Now to finish a shawl so that I can retrieve the needles for the sweater ribbing.

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