Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spoke too Soon

What do you know! Right after proclaiming it a lost cause, my zucchini plant offered me two gorgeous zucchini the other day, just right for cutting up and tossing in last night's stir fry. Well, one anyway, the other is for another night, and I need to come up with a recipe now. Let me know if you have any brilliant ideas, and I'll plan to try out some new recipes. I still haven't seen any pumpkin progress, but I'll keep an eye on the zucchini for more delicious squash.

My husband insisted on adding the pencil for scale.

In other news, I have finished the  Moderne Log Cabin Blanket  by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne.  I liked the look of this blanket, though for the sake of my sanity and to complete this in relatively short order, I turned to the awesome powers of crochet. It worked well. The blanket is very cozy, and drapes very nicely. I only got bored during the last two squares, and at that point, being almost finished kept me going. I used half-double crochets (North American terminology here) for the whole thing, including three rounds of the same for the border.
A quick count of the empty Knit Picks Wool of the Andes yarn ball-bands tells me I've used tells me that the blanket took 5 balls of Cloud, 8 of Coal (and it would have been good to have a 9th ball for insurance here, as I used up every last scrap plus about one yard of another black wool that was close enough for jazz), 7 of Dove Heather, and 7 of Mist. I enjoyed this yarn, and would happily use it again. Actually, I've started planning out a blanket for each of my daughters, though I might play around with some other log-cabin-related layouts.

This came out to a not-quite-queen-size blanket, so either a cover for a smaller bed, or a nice big blanket to snuggle up under by the fireside, or perhaps by the eerie glow of the T.V. Either way, it is very warm and snuggly. I can attest to this from sitting under it while crocheting, which is something that I was only able to do in our nice cool basement, as it has been rather hot out (August is like that now and again). I'm quite pleased with this, and hope that the future owners of the blanket will enjoy it.

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