Wednesday, April 06, 2011

In Which Spring Nears, but Slowly, a Tuque is Knit, and Gaelic Football is Demonstrated

I'm starting to be a little jealous of all the lovely spring photos on blogs I am reading. I can't risk saying that spring is here; if I do, temperatures will plummet shortly after to prove otherwise. We wait until it is nearly summer to say much about spring, as the instant I put away winter things, it will snow again. Perhaps I should admit that it is spring, and that snow is just a usual part of the equation.

 I did finally admit this long enough to get around to starting some seeds (coleus, cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, lavender, and snapdragons). I'm glad I took some time to do this, as I now really am excited to start gardening next month.

Hope for Spring

Either way, it is still cold enough for a tuque, so I knit one, namely, the His and Hers Reflection Hat, by Melissa Leapman:

Female Bighorn Sheep on the golf course
This was knit in Patons Classic Wool, entirely from my stash. I had a great time whipping it up in-between packing so that I could wear it in Radium, where we went with my family (including my parents, sister, and brother-in-law; hopefully my brother can come too next time) for a little holiday. We had a lovely time there, and enjoyed the hot springs and traveling through the mountains. We saw mule deer and bighorn sheep, and while it did snow while we were there, the large, lazy snowflakes melted as they reached the ground.

The Rocky Mountains

Back home, we found that some of the snow had melted, leaving dreary brown patches that are nonetheless heartwarming in that they herald spring. However, there still way too much snow for me; I want that snow gone and the fields dry so I can play Gaelic Football:

While waiting for the fields to dry, I'm helping out on the team executive, attending indoor training sessions, and recruiting more women for the team. Also, we're having a fundraiser on April 30th at the Edmonton Irish Sports and Social Society involving a fake wedding: tickets are 25$, for a formal dinner and excellent entertainment. Let me know if you're in town and want to come, or for that matter, if you want to join the team. It promises to be an excellent event, and an excellent football season this year!


  1. You're jealous of early flowers, and I'm jealous that you get to play Gaelic Football :P Man, I miss playing.

  2. We miss you playing too.