Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting Around to Things

First off, before I forget again, I finished re-reading James Joyce's Ulysses. It took me awhile, partly because I wasn't in a hurry, and partly because I kept interrupting it with other books to read. I used to read a lot, before my kids were born, and it seemed like it was time to get back into reading again. It's not that I gave it up entirely in the meantime, but in the midst of sleep deprivation and constant interruptions, magazines were about what I could manage most days. With the number of books that I have been reading and enjoying since I started re-reading Ulysses, I feel I have regained a part of myself that I'd left behind for a few years.

For another get-around-to-it project, I finally got around to making a set of bags to hold some puzzles from Christmas. The puzzles came in a bucket, and they're great puzzles that the girls enjoy. The only problem is that the nine sets of two-sided puzzles didn't have their own containers once the plastic bags they came in were recycled, so they were all jumbled up. My husband suggested I could use the snack bag pattern from Angry Chicken, and so I did, but only just now.

Of course, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it use the nifty organization system you just provided it.

Ah well, at least I did my part.

And, just because I'm so chuffed about it, here are my sprouting seeds:

So far, so good, except for the coleus, as I have seen nothing yet from that lot, much to my surprise.

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