Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yet More Snow and Knitting

 It has been snowing again.  More and more.  It has also been -30 with windchill for the entirety of last week, so we've been staying indoors.  The kids and I have been going a bit stir-crazy (though I've also been knitting a fair bit, of course), and we're more than ready to head outdoors today now that the weather is behaving (-9 with a windchill bringing it to -14).  If you compare these photos to the last post, you'll see just how much more snow we've had here.
The oak tree is somewhere under there
The weeping crabapple is all but buried

And now, the knitting:

The texting mittens are coming along well, or at least, now they are.  The one I posted a photo of last time is no more, and the ones below are entirely new.  This yarn does not frog so well, so when I wrecked it (badly) trying to re-do the flap, the whole thing ended up being tossed away.  The good news is that this version is behaving properly so far, and will hopefully be complete soon.

Though, that was frustrating enough that I really needed to start a pair of socks for my oldest daughter.  She picked out the Regia Sockmonster yarn herself, and I'm doing up a rather plain sock (after all, the colours aren't so plain) with rather small needles (2 mm), and I'm enjoying it very much as a bit of respite from soft fuzzy mittens whenever they are not behaving well.

Now, off to play in the snow (assuming we don't sink in up to our noses).  Perhaps snowshoeing is more the thing to do?

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