Monday, January 24, 2011

Ticket to The Crazy House

The other day, my daughter offered me a free "ticket to the Crazy House!"  Here's the ticket.  She gave one to Daddy too.  (This of course really cracked us up).

It turns out that Crazy House (which may or may not be located in Crazy Town) is the name of her one-woman art show located throughout the main floor of the house.  Installations changed now and again, (especially due to what my husband termed 'cannibalistic rogue artistry' on the part of the younger daughter, who had a great time moving around ribbons and pipecleaners to hang them in other locations) and some had disappeared before there was anything resembling decent light to photograph the show, but here's what I had a chance to record:
I know, terrible photo, but she took them down before I could get a better shot

Our dressers were also thoughtfully adorned with yarn and the like

The younger daughter, adding a bit more

Speaking of wonderful and creative people, if you have a chance to be in Calgary next month, go see my friend Heather's play!  I was lucky enough to read Mischief in Fez while she was working on it, and it will be a grand time for both kids and adults.  We're very much looking forward to the show (information here).  Tickets for Mischief in Fez are now on sale!!!  Vertigo box office 403.221.3708.

It's been surprisingly warm this week, which has resulted in icicles (I just had to share the pictures:
Late Saturday afternoon

Monday morning
Oh yes, and I've been knitting of course, having started a new sweater for myself, Tubey by by Cassie Rovitti,  knit in Patons Classic Wool (mostly stash).  I knit a good 6 1/2 inches worth of sleeve at the doctor's office the other day (the doctor had to assist with surgery, putting her a couple of hours behind schedule), and more while simply enjoying the weekend with my family (as well as at drinks after soccer the other night).  I took this photo before I finished the first sleeve, but I've started the second today. 

I do plan on finishing my friend's mittens this week, so we'll see if I have much in the way of sweater-knitting time left after that.  For now, it's back to laundry and other housework (maybe just a few more rounds of knitting first).

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