Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Busy, busy.

Just realized that I haven't posted in awhile, probably as I haven't finished any projects in awhile.  Since in-progress projects are worth posting if for no other reason than to reassure myself that I am accomplishing something, here are three.  Not very much to say about them, but I do hope to have a few more interesting posts in the near(ish) future (kids and life in general allowing).

My husband's waistcoat: Artisan's Vest by Claire Wilson / Elizabeth Mills, in Araucania Ranco Solid.  The front parts are on holders, and I'm working my way up the back.  It finally feels like I'm making progress on this one, only it's been put aside for the following two projects.

Unfortunately, the other two are secret projects, but, as they have both been taking a fair bit of my time and energy, I wanted to share a peek anyway.  More information and photos to follow, well, eventually.  The important thing is that the colours are looking about right for once in my photos, and that I'm quite pleased with how these are coming, especially this one:

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