Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not a Misnomer After All

So, despite that the title on this page is Tweedlebug's Garden, there has been nothing yet about gardening.  There are two reasons for this:

1. I mean garden here as in a collection of all my creative activities, a collection of pretty things, much like flowers, to look at.

2. I do love gardening, and will have some here, but I'm not much of an indoor gardener, and there is still snow on the ground.  Gardening is late May to early October here, but crafting is year-round.  Rather than the Twiddlebugs who live in Ernie's flower garden, I've gone with the warm woolly tweed version.

There, now that that's out of the way, despite the snow outside this week, I've begun planning in earnest for this year's garden.  (Since I like photos, I'm including a few from last year's garden.)  Today, I scheduled all the seed-starting (a few edibles and perennials, but mostly annual flowers), and over the last few weeks I've also been working on plans for a new bed that we'll prepare this year, and plant next year (unless we get well ahead of schedule, but I have my doubts). 

My husband had noted by the number of gardening books that came home from the library in place of knitting books that Gardening Season has indeed begun.  The most useful that I've read this year is: Designing Your Gardens and Landscapes by Janet Macunovich.  I've also had a great time going through my back issues of Canadian Gardening.

My main goals this year are to have the rain barrel installed (on my husband's to-do list); rid the back lawn of thistle and seriously curtail thistle activity in the front; reduce the dandelions to a dull roar; prepare the new bed; mulch existing beds; and amend soil in the lupin/iris bed. 

Of course, I'll add a few new plants and move things around every so often, because that's fun.  I'd love to try Kinnikinnick and Feather Reed Grass, but also on my wish list are a new bearded Iris and Primula Auricula, a new dianthus or two, and more lavender. 

Now, for spring to get going.

I'm waiting.

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