Monday, March 22, 2010

I'd say the grass is ris, but it's under an inch of snow.

We had a lovely time over the weekend in Calgary, visiting my mom and dad.  We all had a great time, and enjoyed a visit to Aggie Days together.  The kids loved seeing all the animals, mascots, and especially the mini-chuckwagon races.  My oldest is watching a 'virtual farm visit' video right now, and I think she's making plans for her own farm.  It was so very nice to visit with my parents and with other family, and enjoy all the delicious food my mom makes.  The kids had so much fun with their grandparents that they had to call when they got home, just to find out "what Opa and Granny are doing this evening." 

I also managed to finish the last of my "To-do before Spring" list during the car ride back, so, in anticipation of this, went yarn shopping at Gina Brown's while in Calgary.  I had "sew apron" on my list, but when I pulled out the fabric I had set aside, realized that I did not have anywhere near enough of it, and didn't really want to make the apron that badly anyhow, so, inspired by the beautiful Buttercup Bags being turned out at , I followed her link to , and tried my hand at it as well.

It took me about a week, but that's because it was hand-sewn in stolen moments.  I find it's easier to find stolen moments for hand-sewing rather than machine-sewing, but I might just use a machine to whip up another sometime.

I couldn't resist trying out a bit of embroidery as well, and added a little bird.  I don't do much sewing or embroidery, usually, so I'm quite pleased that it all turned out so well.  Despite the new snow on the ground this morning and the -8 Celsius, it still feels like Spring is around the corner, and, as you can see, the wing is on the boid.

I used a button closure instead of a magnetic snap, and added a pocket, offsetting them from each other.  There's even room for a couple of skeins of yarn if I don't take much else with me, but on the whole, it's of a size that's better for going out on a date without the kids while wearing a nice summery dress, so it turns out that I need a new nice summery dress.

Yarn-wise, I picked up some Berocco Vintage in a nice heathered blue for a sweater for my oldest, and, for the reward for finishing up my to-do list, also a Zauberball for socks for myself.  I've been eying the Zauberballs for awhile, and a few ladies at my knitting groups have been enjoying them, so I picked up one in green (though I do want all the other colours as well).

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