Sunday, February 14, 2010

So Far...

So far, so good.  I'm a bit past the thumb opening now (I've knit a bit since taking this photo), but the kids aren't sleeping well, and that results in much tiredness and much dropping and re-laddering to fix minor mistakes that wouldn't happen quite so often if I was awake. 

I've been wondering off and on if I've taken on something too easy rather than the challenge that this is meant to be, but since my knitting time is highly variable based on the kids, and as I am being careful not to rob time from my family to do this (sure I'll take a few extended knitting breaks, and knit while reading stories, but I do need to be fair to them), it may turn out to be more challenging than not to finish after all. 

It's hard to say what will happen at this point, as the long weekend is giving me a decent head start, but after that, it's anyone's guess how the week will go.

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