Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick Update

These photos turned out fuzzier than I thought before uploading them, but I don't have time to take them again just now. 

Anyway, I need one more thumb and to weave in ends for these mittens, then I get to start on the other pair.  I'm starting to think I should have picked a bigger project (that's what I get for thinking the Olympics ended a few days sooner than they do), as I'm quicker than I used to be at knitting, so, assuming the kids go to bed on time, I'm actually getting a lot done and have a couple of hours each night. 

The mittens are almost a little snug, but not unpleasantly so.  I think that I've managed the best pickup for the thumb out of any of my Selbu-style mittens so far, so I'm quite pleased:

See!  The thumb is mirroring the palm nicely, and I don't have any bizarre colour mistakes (though there is one decrease on the back of the hand that slants incorrectly, but I'm not ripping it back for that now that I've tied the mitten off).

I expect I can have these finished and posted sometime tomorrow.

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