Friday, February 12, 2010

Ducks in a Row

OK, so I'm almost ready for the Ravelympics.  Today I had an extra kid over, but really, she kept my daughters busy for the morning at least, so I picked up toys, vacuumed, rearranged the living room, mopped the kitchen, and, with my eldest's help, made cupcakes for Valentine's Day. 


My darling husband, (pictured to the right in silhouette holding our youngest) stopped by my knitting group for me (I couldn't make it out while babysitting, sigh), and picked up my part of the group KnitPicks order that got here just in time for the Olympics.  I'll be knitting (for Team Canada) two pairs of mittens, namely, Annemor #13 in KnitPicks Palette (currant and silver) and
NHM #9 by Terri Shea, in Baby Ull (pale blue and a teal sort of blue).
I have my new needles, swatch completed and gauge that I wanted obtained, my charts photocopied for ease of use, and my yarn ready for both projects. 

Now, to wait until the kids are tucked into bed (which will happen sometime during the opening ceremonies) so that I can cast on.

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