Monday, January 25, 2010

Socks for Me!

My socks are done!  It was about time I knit myself a second pair, and I'm glad I finally got around to using this lovely yarn (Claudia Handpainted Merino Fingering, colour: Ocean Depths).  These slouch very slightly, as I discovered while test-driving them while performing such tasks as picking up toys and scraping the toddler's lunch off the floor.  I suspect that the socks would slouch less if I had not gotten impatient while knitting the legs and had given them each the extra inch they deserve, which would have put the calf shaping in exactly the right place instead of nearly the right place.  After all, there was enough yarn between the two skeins that I could have made them a bit taller, and I meant to, but I suspect that I subconsciously stretch them while measuring.

Otherwise, I'm pleased, and am especially fond of the eye-of-partridge heel flaps.  They look especially nice with this yarn.  The socks are soft, fit much better than store-bought (those usually result in the heel sitting behind the back of my short-but-wide feet), and the colours are really a lot more luminous than appearing in these photos, so I went out into the snow to get a little bit better light (though it still didn't do them justice).

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