Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Red Bunny Slippers

When my daughter heard about my intention to crochet slippers for my husband, she was quick to request a red pair.  When she saw the pattern I was working from, well, of course, she wanted hers to be bunny slippers, but still red.  I was somewhat dubious, and thought they just looked odd at the pre-washing stage; not uncommon for a felting project, but still...

Then, after three wash cycles and a quick brush, they were adorably fuzzy: 

Two sets of buttons and a bit of embroidery floss later, they turned out much cuter than I thought they would, and are only a little too big for her (room to grow).  My daughter just has to wait for them to finish drying, and for me to apply some handy latex grip solution to the bottom that they had at Ewe Asked for it (also the source of the wool, being Ístex Létt-Lopi).  Pattern again is Fluffy Bunny Slippers by Shannon Murphree, crocheted then felted.

 My daughter likes her slippers, and tells me that they like to play peek-a-boo by hiding their eyes with their ears.  She likes that they look like Miffy and her friend Melanie (only these ones are red instead of white).

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