Monday, February 01, 2010

Not in the Dark!

Just a quick photo-less post today; I should have a little something more later this week.

So, I decided to try knitting at the movies, you know, just to see if I could.  I started a sock for my daughter on quiet plastic needles, and then, after a series of reasonably successful rounds, found that I'd added a stitch.  Meh, what's one stitch, right?  So, I kept going.  Eventually, I realized that I'd added a few more stitches, and just packed the sock away to look at later.

Back in the car, I did a count and found that I'd added not one, not three or even six stitches, but eleven.  Now that's all fine and well (and of course would need ripping back regardless), but you'd think I'd have added them relatively evenly.  Nope.  I'd added one stitch to one needle, and ten to another.  I'm still finding this a tad bizarre.  Also, later on in the weekend, I managed to forget to turn the heel before picking up the gussets, and then wondered why the heel was so odd-looking.  The sock is back on track, but I think I'll stick to knitting it where I can see it better.

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