Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So many plans.

I'm so glad I started a new pair of socks, and so far, the calf shaping looks like a good idea.  I've gotten a bit further since taking this photo, (I seem to have gotten quicker at knitting over the last few months) and am about to divide for the heel now.  I do hope I have enough yarn.  I'm enjoying the colour, which really isn't showing up as nicely in the photo.  In person, the colours are glowing quite a lot more.

I'm also enjoying my husband's vest, which almost surprises me as I was feeling some trepidation about returning to the project.  Mostly, I was worried that it wasn't working out and that I'd have to re-think it, but so far, it looks like it has a decent chance at turning out right.  Hmm.  The colour isn't quite right here either; really, it's more rusty than red.

I am trying very hard not to start five or six more things, and all the flipping through magazines and books is not helping.  I've been arranging and re-arranging my queue, not quite buying yarn on line, planning out bits and pieces of my future projects in my head, and telling myself that I have two (OK, three or four, but those two get to sit in the corner for a bit while I try to figure out the best way to proceed) old projects to finish first.  I'm trying to stick with one new project and one old one at a time for now, and hope I can clear my plate somewhat before the Olympics, for which I'm hoping to knit two projects.

So, I'm planning a pair of mittens (NHM #9 by Terri Shea, for me) for sure, but I am having trouble deciding on project two: Coordinating hat for me, or a pair of mittens for my husband (Annemor #13 by Terri Shea)?

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