Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

The holidays are pretty much done, as are these socks, ready for my daughter's friend's January birthday.  The socks are Ann Budd's
8 Stitches per Inch Socks, in Regia Flusi Das Socken Monster (colourway is Sockbeak).  They very nearly fit me, so they might be a grow into it thing for the recipient, but judging from her shoe size, they should be not too far off.

We had a busy holiday, as I expect most people have, and I was happy to see everyone enjoying their gifts, food, and family.  My husband's new socks are a tad too small, so he has new pyjamas instead, and I think I'll shrink the socks a bit to fit me.  They're very soft and cozy, so no sense having them go to waste.  I've gone back to work on my husband's waistcoat, so he'll still be getting a nice knitted gift at some point.  I began the project officially in September, though I have been planning it since last winter sometime.  I'm using the Artisan's Vest by Claire Wilson / Elizabeth Mills as a guideline, but am using fingering weight yarn instead (Araucania Ranco Solid).  We had a lovely time at a New Year's dinner with friends and family, and I knit a few rows while we watched the kids play.

But, since a new year wants a new project, I'm swatching for a new pair of socks for myself that I'm custom-fitting for my slightly odd feet and calves (soccer-calves, short but wide feet) in a Claudia Hand-Painted fingering (Ocean Depths) that I picked up nearly a year ago as a treat.  There's enough yarn to make these a little longer in the leg, and I'm enjoying the soft merino yarn and luminous colours.  It's a good way to start the year off, even if cleaning, laundry and groceries will really be the main focus of the day.  Happy New Year, and I do hope everyone is enjoying a nice new project too!

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